• DSC_0035

    Olives 2,00

    Olives are handmade by the owner, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0001

    Feta 5,00

    Feta cheese, a traditional Greek product of exceptional quality from "Kostarelos" Greek delicacies, only in our fish restaurant.

  • tzatziki

    Tzatziki dip 5,00

    With a strong taste of garlic, and yogurt from the ' Kostarelos ' Delicacies, the tzatziki is to die for!

  • Eggplant salad

    eggplant dip 5,00

    A simple eggplant salad, with a unique and incomparable taste to accompany every dish.

  • DSC_0336

    Garlic mashed potato dip 5,00

    Garlic dip known as "Skordalia", made with mashed potatoes and lots of garlic, the ultimate Greek dip, in the fish restaurant To Limani.

  • DSC_0116

    spicy cheese dip 5,00

    Classic cheese dip with feta cheese and yogurt from "Kostarelos» Delicacies, the best of its kind.

  • DSC_0043re

    Crab dip 5,00

    Crab Salad : mayonnaise, chopped pickle, carrot and crabmeat, the ingredients of our fresh crab salad, with subtle and delicate taste, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0584

    fish roe dip 5,00

    Two things make a delicious roe salad: Good fish roe and frequent testing while making! Enjoy during the Lent, and not only, in our restaurant!

  • DSC_0108

    Potatoes 5,00

    Fried potatoes, a delicious and simple delicacy for all.

  • DSC_0129

    fried Eggplant 5,00

    Eggplant fried with crispy crust and sweet interior, a different, and tasty selection.

  • kolokythia Pan

    fried Zucchini 5,00

    Fried zucchini is a particularly tasty Greek 'meze', only in our fish restaurant .

  • pipieries tiganites

    fried Peppers 7,00

    Fried peppers, simple and delicious delicacy to start your meal.

  • DSC_0968re

    fried Cheese 8,00

    Fried Cheese, served in an original way, one of the classics, that fits perfectly with cold beer and good company, You'll find it only at To Limani.

  • DSC_0088re


    The package embraces the slice, the honey blends and roasted Sesame elevates the flavour!

  • DSC_0413

    Cheese croquettes 8,00

    Cheese croquettes, perfect choice with delicious crisp and golden crust, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0366

    Zucchini balls 8,00

    Zucchini balls, homemade, simple and at the same time very tasty, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0336re

    Octopus balls 8,00

    Beautiful and delicious Octopus burgers, of our own production, ideal for starter with ouzo or tsipouro., only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0388

    grilled cheese pie 8,00

    Classic cheese pie with feta cheese on the grill, with a smoky flavour from the charcoal!

  • DSC_0360

    grilled greens pie 8,00

    Grilled Greens pie with several greens and feta cheese, an original version of familiar flavors, with unique aroma and taste obtained by the grilling process!

  • DSC_0526

    grilled cheese bread 8,00

    The cheese bread is a classic eviotic relish with feta cheese traditionally eaten fried throughout Greece, but here you can try it grilled!

  • DSC_0500

    grilled Haloumi cheese 10,00

    Grilled haloumi cheese a delicious delicacy to start your meal with good company, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0568

    Grilled Talagani Cheese 10,00

    Talagani , a tasty choice ideal for grilling!

  • DSC_0483

    Grilled vegetables 13,00

    Grilled vegetables, a delicious and very healthy choice, with grilled mushrooms, slices of zucchini, pepper, eggplant, tomato and onion, with olive oil and oregano, only in our fish restaurant .

  • kolokythoanthoi

    zucchini flowers stuffed with rice 13,00

    Homemade stuffed zucchini flowers, a special summer treat for connoisseurs of good food.

  • Fava

    Split peas soup 8,00

    Split peas, a delicious legume, with olive oil, chopped onion and parsley, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0240re

    FRIED Squid 13,00

    The most delicious squid you can find, at the fish tavern To Limani.

  • whitebait

    whitebait 13,00

    Whitebait, tasty and at a low price.

  • DSC_0435

    Very Garidaki 13,00

    Fried fresh shrimp, small, crispy and delicious, a real temptation, only in our fish restaurant .

  • γαύρος τηγανι

    Anchovies 13,00

    Fried anchovies, excellent, crispy and delicious fish.

  • DSC_0018

    FILLETS OF Anchovies IN OIL 13,00

    Pickled Anchovies, with garlic sauce, of our own, leading meze for ouzo.

  • DSC_0136


    Grilled sardines, nutritious and delicious, with freshly cut onions and parsley.

  • DSC_0040


    Fillets of Skipjack Tuna, or otherwise lakerda, another homemade and delicious dish!

  • γαρίδες τηγανι

    FRIED SHRIMP 13,00

    Fried shrimp, a distinct and delicious delicacy, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0223re


    Delicious grilled shrimp!

  • DSC_0255re

    SHRIMP saganaki 17,00

    Shrimp "saganaki",with tomato sauce and feta cheese, a dish that everyone likes, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0520

    fried mussels 13,00

    First class Mezes, fried mussels with our garlic dip and tomato, enjoy with good company and of course ouzo with ice, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0125

    Mussels white saganaki 17,00

    Mussels saganaki, a delicious choice of mussels in mustard cream cheese sauce, and feta cheese, a bit of chilli pepper, garlic and white wine, only in our fish restaurant

  • DSC_0313re

    MUSSELS red SAGANAKI 17,00

    Mussels saganaki, a delicious choice of mussels in tomato sauce with feta, simple and enjoyable, only in our fish restaurant

  • DSC_0389ΡΕ

    Mussels Achnista White 17,00

    Fresh mussels steamed with cream cheese and fennel!

  • DSC_0325re2

    mussels steamed with garlic and wine 17,00

    Fresh mussels steamed in wine, Ginger and garlic, If you start, you can not stop!

  • DSC_0053re


    Fresh steamed mussels with tomato sauce and feta cheese!

  • DSC_0369RE

    Octopus Liasto apples 17,00

    Delicious recipe from the port for our favorite Sun-dried Octopus served with homemade pickles, hiding sensational flavor!

  • χταπόδι βραστο

    BOILED Octopus 17,00

    Boiled octopus, simple and easy, served with homemade pickled vegetables, necessary accompaniment to ouzo, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0784re

    Octopus in wine 17,00

    Homemade Wine Octopus, cooked with spices, herbs and of course wine!

  • DSC_0992re


    Wonderfully fried Langoustine crump, accompanied with our cocktail sauce, true essence of the sea, only in our fish restaurant !