• DSC_0012

    Chicken 12,00

    Chicken, a juicy and enjoyable option only tavern Port!

  • DSC_0551

    Veal Steak 16,00

    Grilled steak, soft and tasty, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0168

    Pork Steak 11,00

    Grilled pork steak particularly tender, an exquisite selection!

  • DSC_0037

    Burger 12,00

    Handmade burger with some onion, garlic, parsley and some secrets of our own, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0406

    pork Souvlaki 12,00

    The most delicious pork souvlaki, made by us, Enjoy them in our Fish Restaurant ''To Limani''.

  • DSC_0028re

    Variety of meats 50,00

    In the variety of meats, on one side we have salad, and on the other, chicken breast, burger, beef and pork steaks and pork souvlaki, an integrated plate for large groups!


  • DSC_0172re

    shrimp 19,00

    A classic spaghetti getting ready to order, with juicy prawns, garlic, paprika and white wine aroma, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0192re

    Spaghetti "TO LIMANI" 19,00

    Spaghetti "To Limani", wonderful spaghetti with mussels, shrimp, squid, garlic, paprika and red wine aroma, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0453

    spaghetti with Lobster 27,00

    Spaghetti with Lobster, a perfect summer dish, accompanied by a glass of cold white wine, that everyone can enjoy at such an attractive price!

  • DSC_0065ρε

    Seafood Pilaf 19,00

    Pilaf with seafood: wild rice, crayfish, shrimp and fresh mussels in a white sauce with cream cheese, Parmesan cheese and wine, a different and distinctive dish that you will surely love!

  • DSC_0571re

    Kritharoto cuttlefish ink 19,00

    Kritharoto with cuttlefish ink, just try!

  • DSC_0727re


    Fish Braised with papardelles, an unusual while excellent recipe, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0398

    fish soup 11,00

    The best chowder, with richer taste that you tried, with whatever fresh fish of the day there is, only in our fish restaurant !

  • DSC_0381

    Cod and garlic dip 13,00

    Enjoy delicious cod, wrapped with crispy crust, our lovely garlic dip and fried potatoes only at our Fish Restaurant To Limani.

  • DSC_0564re

    little great Variety 30,00

    A selection particularly smart: squid, shrimp, anchovies, whitebait, mussels, marinated anchovy, Octopus in vinegar,accompanied by two Deepak with ointments, only in our fish restaurant !

  • ποικιλία μεγαλη

    wide variety of great 50,00

    Greater quantity of the best variety, the same top taste for larger groups!


  • DSC_0533re

    fish head KG 40,00

    fish head cut chops, grilled, synodedymeno with grilled vegetables ... the most delicious delicacy for those who know how to fish!

  • Bream

    Bream kg 35,00

    Bream one of the tastier treats of the Greek sea delicacies, the perfect choice for your lunch or dinner.

  • DSC_0439

    KALAMARI kg 49,00

    Kalamaria fresh a very tasty dish dear to everyone and especially children, only in Fish tavern the Port.

  • Cod

    Cod kg 50,00

    Cod is a fish with a light and mild flavor ideal for children with the most delicious recipe here in our restaurant!

  • Swordfish

    Swordfish kg 50,00

    Swordfish is a lean fish very tasty and is recommended for diets and for those who are watching their diet.

  • Scorpion fish

    Scorpion fish kg 50,00

    The large scorpion fish fresh and grilled is a leading choice!

  • DSC_0028

    RED Mullet kg 62,00

    Red mullets hiding exuberant flavor.


    PANDORA kg 62,00

    Red Snapper is one of the tastiest fish for every meal in our restaurant.


    GILTHEAD kg 69,00

    GILTHEAD, a fish juicy and delicious.



    Murmurer the best choice for a tasty dish!


    BLACK SEABREAM kg 62,00


  • Butts

    WHITE SEABREAM kg 62,00


  • Wrekfish

    Wrekfish kg 62,00


  • WHITE Grouper

    WHITE Grouper kg 62,00

    Grouper The grouper is related to the grouper and stira and perhaps the most delicious fish of our Aegean.

  • Grouper-sterile

    DUSKY GROUPER kg 62,00

  • Kokkalia

    GOLDEN GROUPER kg 62,00


    COMMON DENTEX kg 69,00

    Sea Bream with our secret recipe , making a very tasty and juicy plate!!

  • DSC_0508

    SEABREAM kg 69,00



    DOVER SOLE kg 69,00

    Glossa one of the most nutritious fish with a flat belly, tasty dish.

  • DSC_0460

    fish Slice kg 75,00

    clean fish meat, only in our fish restaurant .

  • Langoustine.

    LANGOUSTINE kg 70,00


  • Frozen shrimps

    SHRIMP kg 65,00

  • Lobster

    Lobster kg 85,00

    Lobster, of the most delicious delicacies, only in our fish restaurant .

  • Fresh shrimps

    spaghetti with shrimp kg 70,00

  • Frozen crayfish

    spaghetti with langoustine kg 70,00

    The Queen of the table, spaghetti with langoustine exquisite dining option, only in our fish restaurant .

  • spaghetti with Lobster

    spaghetti with Lobster kg 95,00

    Lobster the freshest lobster! The lobster is a perfect summer dish company and accompanied by a glass of cold white wine or a cold beer.