• DSC_0183re

    Greek salad 8,00

    Greek Salad, traditionally made with tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, our olives, "Kostarelos" feta cheese and Rock Samphire.

  • DSC_0345

    Tomato Cucumber salad 6,00

    Tomato & cucumber salad, oregano and olive oil, a simple yet tasty option..

  • DSC_0029re

    leafy limani 10,00

    Mixed salad with lettuce, Green and purple iceberg, arugula, fresh onion, dill, pomegranate seeds, Parmesan flakes and an excellent balsamic-honey dressing, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0106re


    Mixed salad with baby spinach, arugula, pantzarofylla and wonderful honey mustard dressing, and marinated shrimp in ginger, chili flakes, thyme and lemon juice, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0136re

    cretan barley rusks 9,00

    Traditional Cretan Rusk with barley Rusk, olive oil, chopped tomato, crumbled feta cheese, oregano, capers and Rock Samphire

  • DSC_0106

    Beetroots 6,00

    Beets are a tasty alternative for salad, that fits beautifully with fish!

  • DSC_0042

    Broccoli 6,00

    The most delicious boiled broccoli, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0621

    Zucchini 6,00

    Boiled Zucchini, perfect salad as an accompaniment for fish!

  • bitter greens

    bitter greens 6,00

    Bitter Greens, one of the most popular and delicious Greek Greens, with a slightly bitter taste .

  • DSC_0116re

    sweet greens 6,00

    Vlita, with their pleasant, mildly bitter flavor, have rightfully their place at the Greek table in the summer.

  • DSC_0021re

    Almyra 8,00

    Almyra is a summer plant, that grows near the sea, an original boiled salad, only in our fish restaurant .

  • DSC_0631

    cretan bitter greens 8,00

    Bitter and highly sought after in Greece, chicory is a superb winter side dish, which you'll find it in the Fish Restaurant To Limani.

  • DSC_0098

    long beans 8,00

    Long beans, is another summer salad to accompany every kind of meal, only in fish restaurant To Limani.

  • DSC_0077

    Potato salad 7,00

    Potato salad with chopped tomato, green onions and dill, a delicious and healthy choice, only in our fish restaurant .

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    Introduction Brastwn 14,00

    Variety with Greens and boiled vegetables for each meal! Tell your preference!